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We are kindly asking you to repost and transfer this info urgently! Diana Zharkova!

Друзья, это пост о Диане Жарковой на английском. Многие просили нас перевод, чтобы распространить среди своих англоговорящих друзей. Пожалуйста, не оставляйте Диану своим вниманием. Помощь в распространении информации, не говоря о финансовой помощи, по-прежнему очень нужна!

Friends, current status of  Diana Zharkova's situation turned to be  almost catastrophic.   We are desperately looking for  any help to transmit this information urgently.
Just to remind you, Diana is the 13 years old girl    who got by mistake a reference from Rogatchev Mecical  center  that she had treatment in this center  and recovered from her disease.  Having the 3-rd stage of Lymphoma. While  poor girl was being send from one place to another, the precious time was lost.  When  our Foundation took care of Diana, we have managed to pay the first payment and send her to the hospital of Mount Elisabeth in Singapore, where they reached good results and where there is a good prognosis for her type of disease (60% of success) . We  have found the money  for the first period of treatment but  it was extremely difficult. Unfortunately, due to those difficulties and time lost on trying to solve them, in the setting of her systemic disease infectious polyneuritis  was diagnosed, which caused paralysis on the lower part of her body and  respiratory failure. It occurs because cancer attacks CNS, and it is a frequent case of neurological  condition of a patient with  lymphoma.

We kindly request you to do re-posts , to place banners, everything that you may find effective - please  send us an e-mail, if you have any suggestions. We just can't  let it happen  that  this girl will   be kicked off from the resuscitation department of the hospital and  will not have any further medical support, we cant let it happen that the  girl who is still alive, will be switched from  the support systems.  Of course, nobody will do it  right now, but the patience of the hospital is limited. Decision needs to be taken.  The weekly cost of intensive care  in the resuscitation department  is about 40000 USD. Diana is still there. We are looking for any ideas , which might help us to find the money. It is for the first time we are in the situation like this....

аnd now in details
Current  health condition.
There is no significant changes in Diana's state . She is still on ALV , though it was planned to discontinue  the mechanical ventilation. Hemoglobin  is rising one day and then falling. Diana has opened her eyes, but she is looking at one point, her eyes don't move. The temperature is very low  (31), but it is up to 1 point (up to 32.2). It is obvious that there are some positive changes,  which is a good sign. Doctors were surprised even by these results. No doubt girl is fighting hard. There are many success stories when the doctors managed to fix the consequences of polyneuritis.

This a complete...:( you can put here any word which means failure). One day stay in the intensive care costs 6913,25 s.doll, doctor's salary not included. This is not just a lot, this is a nightmare. We are almost lost, none could predict such a situation. Today is the 7th day in intensive care, how many days will be, nobody knows. To pay  for this week we need to find another 25414 USD.

We will appreciate if you could share your experience with us or give us an advise. It is for the first time when we absolutely do not know what to do. The girl is in the hospital in the critical condition, the invoice is increasing drastically with every new day.

We will appreciate if you email us on

Thank you for all your ideas on how to find money, all your advises, we badly need them

Diana Zharkova, her story and proof documents, you can find here

Bank details for donation

Charity Foundation «Help a»

US Dollar Account:
Transit Account Nr. 40703840700000100035
Account 786418889 of RGS Bank, Moscow, Russia (SWIFT: RUIDRUMM)
with JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York, USA (SWIFT: CHASUS33)

Euro Account:
Transit Account Nr. 40703978600000100188
Account 0104498399 of RGS Bank, Moscow, Russia (SWIFT: RUIDRUMM)
with VTB Bank (Deutschland) AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (SWIFT: OWHBDEF)

Payment Description:
Charitable donation for Diana Zharkova

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